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Re: [seul-edu] apache + php + mysql

* Bill Tihen -- TECHNOLOGY (bill@mail.tasis.ch) [991026]:%y12Tue, Oct 26, 1999 at 10:38:08PM +0200]:
> Thanks for your offers.  I could use some pointers with
> setting up mysql.  I have the docs, but I have a week
> database foundation.  

See http://w3.one.net/~jhoffman/sqltut.htm for a intro on SQL
(and databases).

> I found the setup a little complicated because my goal
> was to get imp working.  Which is does now -- quite
> well.  I found that running mysql improperly however,
> had a tendency to crash my mailserver.  I didn't like
> that.

Can I ask how you ran MySQL improperly? I've never had any problems
with it...

> The precompiled binearies didn't work for me -- but that
> was also before I realized that there are 3 lines in the
> apache config files that need changing not just 2.  So
> they probably work just fine, but I did all the compile
> by hand anyway and then did the config properly.

The Apache configs are fun to fiddle around with for the first 
few times, I've played with Apache since 1.2.x, so they are a bit more 
familiar now. I've also battled with some commercial servers and IIS,
give me Apache anytime!

> After I experiment with SSL I will let you know what
> questions I have.  But if you have a solid starter I
> would be interested.  Exspecially, I looked at the
> LinuxConf stuff for SSL and it made no sense so I didn't
> think I knew enough to get started.  You make it sound
> so simple though.

It took my under 5 hours from scratch to get Apache + PHP + SSL + MySQL
working, I only had knowledge of Apache before that, so it really isn't
all that difficult (if you're into reading technical docs, man-pages
and code). I am a bit crazy at times...

ramin (the man who reads DTDs to see what is allowed and what is not... B-)
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