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Re: SEUL: Re: What's the diff to SEUL ? (fwd)

William T Wilson wrote:
> If the user knows the brand and model of card, then that will be a no
> brainer.  If the user does not, then we can try superprobe.  As a last
> resort, we can hope they have Win95 installed and try to raid the Win95
> configuration for the information.  :)  Does anyone know enough about the
> Win95 registry to try and pick it apart in such a way?  :)

A lot of the targeted users are not going to have a clue.  You can't use
Superprobe on some video cards without damaging them, mine for instance
(TGUI9680XGI), and I wouldn't want to have a user taking me to court
because his Windoze programs get contaminated and he thinks it's due to
Linux messing with his registry.  However wrong he is.  We all know that
Windoze seems to like to pick a program at random to contaminate at

Reading the registry also means mounting the drive, which may be

> Microsoft was kind enough to provide us with a complete list of virtually
> every monitor known to man.  :)  I have been meaning to parse it out into
> a model/modeline database but I have not yet gotten to it.  :\

This is the best option.  The user should be warned, heavily, to insure
they use the correct type or set the default, basic VGA or SVGA.