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Re: SEUL: Survey writing volunteers needed

Kevin Forge wrote:

> > > large survey that would figure out once and for all what end-users
> > > want in an OS. If it was
> This is a simple one.  They don't want to notice that it's there.  They
> just want to be able to do stuff without ever having to configure
> anything.  They do need to be able to enhance the machine and fix things
> when they break but they don't mind having someone do that for them each

Tell me about it.  You wouldn't believe how much crap I'm going through
trying to get my dad's DOS/Win 3.1 software and data onto a new Win95

[Yes, I know....Win95 bites, but I couldn't in good taste recommend
Linux to him QUITE yet.  He is interested though, and I might set it up
as a second partition on his computer]

But anyway, if we can make stuff like this easy....an EASY way to move
applications and data from one computer to another...that would be a
great goal.  Linux is inherently MUCH better at this than 'Doze, we just
need to put a pretty face on it.

Linux: Everything else is just a toy!