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Re: SEUL: Various educational software stuff

In message <363F5019.9F1D5D54@csrlink.net>, dloss@csrlink.net writes:
>You know, we probably ought to get another mailing list set up to get
>this in-depth educational stuff off of seul-pub.  How about
>seul-dev-edu?  I know Roger would be willing to do it, and I have at
>least a dozen names of people who would be interested in being on the
>list.  How do you folks feel about that?

Actually, I'm more psyched to do it because
a) those other people currently aren't talking and aren't hearing
b) this is seul-pub, not seul-edu. :)

Speaking of which, I'd think it would be seul-edu, not seul-dev-edu.
A significant chunk of the discussion will be meta-discussion (how
to plan things, how to do things, etc).

Let me know.