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Re: SEUL: how to unsubscribe?

I would like to project the graphic interface (icons, interaction, windows of
an operating system with a good code).
I would like to try new ways of interaction and to simplify the existing
ones, forgotting the typical ones of windows...
Simple as macOS (you can do everything without reading a row of a manual),
but more complete (also a programmer must love it) and more good as code (no
crashes, as linux already does)...

Roger R Dingledine wrote:

> > I would like to know how to unsubscribe to the ML.
> > Can you also tell me the name of a ML discussing about new GUIs or OS
> > GUIs?
> > I would like to direct my free help there :)
> >
> > thanks :)
> You will notice that one of the headers in all mail from the list is:
> X-To-Get-Off-This-List: mail majordomo@seul.org, body unsubscribe seul-pub
> That should get you started. :)
> Your question is pretty vague. It really depends what you want to hear
> about...technical or layman, new but popular or new but mostly unused,
> etc. By GUI's, do you mean window managers or toolkits?
> --Roger