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Re: SEUL: how to unsubscribe?

Try checking out Berlin -- http://www.berlin-consortium.org

I don't know of many other serious projects that are willing to do
things in a non-traditional manner.  If you like NeXT, you can check
out GNUstep, but the UI is pretty much decided on in that case.  KDE
and Gnome are both pretty conservative on the UI front, though Gnome
does have a UI mailing list (check http://www.gnome.org to find the
name of the list).

On Sat, Nov 27, 1999 at 06:04:55PM +0100, Lorenzo De Tomasi wrote:
> I would like to project the graphic interface (icons, interaction, windows of
> an operating system with a good code).
> I would like to try new ways of interaction and to simplify the existing
> ones, forgotting the typical ones of windows...
> Simple as macOS (you can do everything without reading a row of a manual),
> but more complete (also a programmer must love it) and more good as code (no
> crashes, as linux already does)...

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