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Re: SEUL: how to unsubscribe?

Ian Bicking wrote:

> Try checking out Berlin -- http://www.berlin-consortium.org
> I don't know of many other serious projects that are willing to do
> things in a non-traditional manner.  If you like NeXT, you can check
> out GNUstep, but the UI is pretty much decided on in that case.  KDE
> and Gnome are both pretty conservative on the UI front, though Gnome
> does have a UI mailing list (check http://www.gnome.org to find the
> name of the list).

KDE also has a ui mailing list called kde-look, you can get details at
http://www.kde.org/contact.html.  KDE is currently in the process of making a
style guide for KDE 2, so now would not be a bad time to join.


Andreas Pour