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SEUL: Re: hosting tsinvest? (fwd)

I sent mail to John asking if it would be useful for SEUL to host
the tsinvest program and development, which is currently at
He responded with the following.

Can I get some votes, or discussion, or whatever seems appropriate, on
this? :)

Does SEUL want to move in this direction despite the license complexities?


Forwarded message:
> Date: 28 Nov 1999 09:43:50 -0000
> To: Roger Dingledine <arma@seul.org>
> Subject: Re: hosting tsinvest?
> From: john@johncon.com (John Conover)
> Roger Dingledine writes:
> > 
> > As an addendum, I notice that the 'copying policy' described in the cola
> > announcement makes it sound like distributing modified versions is
> > acceptable, whereas the 'license' on your website implies that that's
> > forbidden. Can you clarify this? (The SEUL Project encourages licensing
> > under actual free software licenses, of course.)
> >
> Hi Roger. Yea, on advise of counsel, the GPL doesn't work on
> investment programs-where the program is getting close to recommending
> investments; that's more under the authority of brokers, who are
> certified though government mandate. (The futures markets are
> particularly sensitive about this.)
> At any rate, I would consider moving the site to your boxes, it you
> consider it appropriate.
> 	John
> BTW, look at http://www2.inow.com/~conover/nformatix/, too. That one
> *_CAN_* be put under GPL.
> -- 
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> VOX 408.370.2688, FAX 408.379.9602, whois '!JC154'
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