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Re: [tor-relays] Request for help - Tor legal FAQ

On 4/6/11 7:54 PM, Thomas Lowenthal wrote:
>>> I understand the focus on USA, but wouldn't this be a good opportunity
>>> to add legal information about other countries as well?
>> It's fantastic idea, and we'd love to be able to do it. Unfortunately,
>> all of our practicing lawyers are licensed in the United States, and we
>> don't have the legal expertise to provide an FAQ like this on a
>> country-by-country basis. :(
> There are a lot of electronic freedom organizations in other countries, many
> of which have the legal resources to help with the FAQ. Might it be valuable
> to partner with some of those organizations, in creating a more
> international FAQ?

Ideally, those organizations should develop FAQs that are specific to
their own countries' laws. They are welcome to use our FAQ as a starting
point -- hopefully they'll even improve on what we've done -- and we'd
be happy to link to those FAQs.

EFF isn't in a good position to provide guidance about the legal
situations in other countries, though. Laws vary quite a bit from place
to place and can be very complex. We don't want to provide information
for others to rely on if we don't have expertise in the laws involved.


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