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Re: [tor-relays] Request for help - Tor legal FAQ


On 07.04.2011 06:14, Marcia Hofmann wrote:
>> There are a lot of electronic freedom organizations in other countries, many
>> of which have the legal resources to help with the FAQ. Might it be valuable
>> to partner with some of those organizations, in creating a more
>> international FAQ?
> Ideally, those organizations should develop FAQs that are specific to
> their own countries' laws. They are welcome to use our FAQ as a starting
> point -- hopefully they'll even improve on what we've done -- and we'd
> be happy to link to those FAQs.

The most relevant law for Tor routers in Germany (or owned by Germans)
is the Telemediengesetz (telemedia law), specifically

§15: clearly prohibits to keep any user identifiable and usage data
unless required for billing purposes

§8: equivalent to DMCA 512; there is no liability for services that (a)
do not initiate the the transfer (b) does not select the recipient and
(c) does not select or alter the content.

It would be nice to at least list those paragraphs in a section for
Germany, and equally collect similar laws for other countries. You don't
need a lawyer to locate such laws.

Moritz Bartl
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