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Re: [tor-talk] Don't use Google as default search in Tor Browser?

On 11/6/2011 2:05 PM, Julian Yon wrote:
Personally I use DDG, partly because of privacy concerns and partly because I don't like the new-look Google. You can always do a Google search through DDG or Scroogle if you're feeling paranoid. On topic, I'd prefer DDG or Ixquick as the default search in TBB but we can't all have our preferences included. Julian

I don't think Tor Project is going to make DDG or Ixquick the default search engine any more than Mozilla.org is.

As you know, users can easily change their default search engine in Aurora (or Firefox) through "manage search engines." Can also add others or delete some included by default. For any users that don't know how, there are tons of pages w/ detailed instructions (it's very easy). Just search for "add [or delete] search engine +Firefox"
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