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Re: [tor-talk] Don't use Google as default search in Tor Browser?

I'm trying using yacy as a search distribuited engine, anyone knows something about it? does it works? ixquick and duckduckgo are web search engine not tor net search engine...


On Sun, 06 Nov 2011 13:38:55 -0600, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
On 11/5/2011 12:47 PM, Christian Siefkes wrote:
"Avoid Google" is not among that warnings, as far as I can see. You are correct - not from Tor Project anyway. They also don't say avoid robbing banks; don't stare at the sun, etc. About all I can advise is, read Google's (lack of) privacy policy. If you like it, use them. If you'd rather not have your search terms recorded & also used for targeted advertising, then use another search engine that doesn't use those practices. Your choice. Aurora in it's default state doesn't prevent pop up advertising, in my experience.

As far I know, they offer to redirect your search to a different site if they detect that Google shows you a captcha.
Correct.  If you like Google's privacy policy & general business
practices, use them.
...but I don't see a reason why they should make it difficult for people to google if they want to do so. Best regards Christian
You can use Google search if you want.  The captchas are presented by
Google.  See this Tor FAQ
<https://www.torproject.org/docs/faq#GoogleCaptcha>  Tor provides a
way around not having to enter the captcha (sometimes several times,
if difficult to read), by offering a redirect.  In latest TBB 2.2.34,
I don't know where alternate search engines for Google captchas are
located in the bundle files.  I haven't yet been presented a Google
captcha while using 2.2.34 - so don't know which default alternate
search engine will be presented.  If you want to use Google when a
captcha appears, don't click "redirect" & just enter the captcha.

FYI for others interested in changing the default alternate search
engine on a google captcha redirect, in about:config, type 'redir' in
search box.
The string:  extensions.torbutton.google_redir_url   will have a
value like 5 (which is default for DuckDuckGo in mine).  Below this
string are the other search engines w/ the numeric "url" values shown
for each.  You can change the value from 5 (or what ever it shows) to
a numeric value corresponding to other search engines.

Mine shows the value '1' for Ixquick, etc.:

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