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Re: [gftp] SSL - SSH - How?

Hello, Jack,

There is no GUI (or any other input) for tlswrap.  tlswrap runs
silently.  After it is started, which you did correctly, *then* you
start gftp.  You can start tlswrap manually each time you reboot, or put
it in your .profile or start-up script to be executed automatically.

Under tlswrap, you use on port 7000 for the HOST, and for the
USER you prepend your   ID@   to the front of the destination (where ID
is your actual user ID), and append ":21" to the end of the
destination.  For example, I enter
in the USER field.  Do NOT use worldnet.upload.att.net or

You can put your password in the PASS box, or get prompted for it later
with a popup box.   You'll see the PASS command echoed and after a short
pause you get logged in.



On Sun, 2006-10-15 at 16:36, Jack Heller wrote:
> Hello Al,
> 	Thanks for the tip on tlswrap.  I downloaded it and did the install.  It 
> appears I either need to learn to use it (Lots of instructions), or I did not 
> do a good install.  I do not see a GUI, but there is none referred to in the 
> instructions.
> 	Below is the dialog from the server when using the first set of instructions 
> where the ftp site name is replaced by that shown in the 2nd line.  I assume 
> that if the TLSWrap info is displayed as in the 4th line then the tlswrap 
> program is working.  Anyway, the process stops at PASS xxxx and usually gftp 
> locks up after a minute or so unless I force a disconnect.  I have tried one 
> or two other options and will continue down this path to see where it 
> leads -- Unless you get back to me and point out something obvious.
> Looking up
> Trying
> Connected to
> 220 TLSWrap FTP Proxy Server (v1.02) ready.
> USER %kb7no@xxxxxxx 
> 331 Password required for kb7no.
> PASS xxxx
> Thanks for your kind concern,   Jack
> On Saturday 14 October 2006 08:42, Al Schapira wrote:
> > Had the same problem.  Install tlswrap and run gftp under it.  Works
> > perfectly.  Hopefully gftp will someday support SSL directly.
> >
> > 	-Al
> >
> >  On Fri, 2006-10-13 at 16:27, Jack Heller wrote:
> > > Hello,
> > > 	I have been scratching my head for several days over this issue.  I have
> > > a website on ATT Worldnet and can' talk to it since I upgraded to high
> > > speed DSL connection.  Dial up used to work OK with gftp.  Now it refuses
> > > connect from an "unsecure" user.
> > > 	I have read many FAQs with seemingly vague statements, but no answer I
> > > can apply.  I prefer to use the gftp as it is user friendly in every
> > > other way. To experiment, I used a Windows program, Smart FTP, and it has
> > > an automatic Certificate generator which seemed to be a plus but found
> > > there was still a problem in that I needed to set the connect protocol to
> > >             FTP over SSL (Implicit)
> > > 	Did that and it made connect and I could view files.  Downloading was
> > > clumsy, but I learned two things.
> > > 	I need to geerate a certificate for gftp and to emulate "SSL Implicit"
> > >
> > > 	So . . . Please help . . . Thanks in advance,  Jack