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Re: [Cb-nsw] [Computerbank] boosting other capital cities

Happy to help Craige..

At 21:44 31/12/01 +1100, Craige McWhirter wrote:

[With the stirring interest in an A.C.T. branch, perhaps the NSW one should
be getting involved? You must have had contacts from that area in the past?]

>Well, SLUG certainly have "contacts" in CLUG but I do not know how far
>that extends into other community groups and I'm unaware of what
>contacts CBNSW has with ACT. Perhaps the CBNSW executive can answer

[The CASE involvement and their expertise implies Canberra could almost
certainly be up and running quickly]

>I need help with that one :)

From an email from CASE's Darrell Burkey <dazza@tucan.net> in early October

"I wrote to Computerbank years ago but can't remember the context. I think
it was when they were considering an office in Sydney and I thought it
would be a good opportunity for us to possibly share facilities/cost.

"CASE and Volunteering ACT are establishing a Community Technology Centre
here in Canberra and have plans to offer such services. We would much
rather support your work in any way that we can as CASE is an IT
cooperative designed to support and enhance the use of IT in
non-profit/community groups. See http://www.case.org.au for more info."

Hope that helps link up you NSW/ACT dudes a bit?  :-)

Regards, Bruce

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