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Re: Background, second draft

On 18.02.2004 15:16, Chang wrote:
> Tuesday 2004-02-17 01:45, Jens Granseuer wrote???
> > Everyone else seems to be pretty shy...
> Oh,Oh,Oh,... it is not true :p
> Simply being overwhelmed by those incoming mails, look at these threads,
> be honest, I don`t have any idea where to start with when my mail client
> says "you have 31 unread mails, downloading now ..."

It is of course entirely your fault if you don't check your mailbox
for such a long time. ;-)

> And still, I don`t have any idea what I should say...

How about: "Absolutely fantastic! I love it! And I'm sure everybody else
does, too!" ;-)

> Only an idea, keeping room for some independent factions is good, I
> agree, if there is no small factions, then it would be only battles
> between two or three major organizations, and if there is any small
> faction, there maybe could be a weapon that only a clan have at the
> start, and after the player has completed a mission taking over the
> technology or making an items exchange could the weapon be used(built)
> in later mission. Should be good for introducing a new unit I suppose.

Yes, my thoughts were going down the same road.