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Re: [f-cpu] Communication problem

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From: Michael Riepe <michael@stud.uni-hannover.de>
To: <f-cpu@seul.org>
Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 12:54 AM
Subject: Re: [f-cpu] Communication problem

> > Ouups, you are a potentially buzzword-bingo candidate. There is no need to
> > change documents from TeX to whatever... Latex can be easily transformed
> > into PDF, DVI, PS, HTML and so on. And you have a small source wit a clear
> > syntax. XML is a Buzzword only, and there no needs to use it.
> You mean, *browseable* HTML - lots of files, with hyperlinks? I haven't
> seen that yet. There should be one file for each F-CPU instruction,
> for example (in the old manual, the instruction set document was one
> big file).

Ok do you know some XML editors which are free and complete ? we might have a
look on it. Those editors should work on UN*X and Windows.

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