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Re: [f-cpu] There's something going wrong here...

> This happened exactly because the F-CPU site moved too often. How many
> shiny new toys^H^H^H^Hwebsites did we have, three? Four? Now you're
> preparing the next move, and we'll leave yet another dead site behind.
> That's not an improvement, it only makes things worse. You'd better try
> to work with what's there (that is, seul.org) instead of moving again.
> Seul.org is the official F-CPU site. It's not broken, it's not dead,
> so why should we replace it? There's absolutely no reason for a move.

Grrr, I'm not the one who wants to move anything to another sites !!!! I was
only asking for a true official and frequently updated homepage and global
repositary. That's all. I don't care where they could be so long time as they
are easily accessed and maintainable in one spot.

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