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Re: [f-cpu] another DATE report


Michael Riepe wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 17, 2002 at 01:02:10PM +0100, Christophe wrote:
> > Well, it's true i'm shy in english :-)
> >
> > More seriously, I think the issue about the time penality about using CAS and
> > CAS2 is overstated. The solution offered by Yann to replace it with a fix array
> > of semaphores through the SR mechanisms is an evidence that either he don't
> > know about what we are really talking or he misunderstands the real purposes of
> > CAS2. Yann, let me tell you that your solution is really clumsy (I will explain
> > why). Personnaly, I think that you are too more confident about yourself -
> > especially since you states everytime that you are the only one who code.
> Wrong. But I haven't seen much VDHL from anybody except Yann, either.

in fact, it's not a statement, but a complaint.
Fortunately, Michael has done some incredible work too.

> Ok, let's forget that for the moment. In order to get the big picture
> and be able to have an opinion of my own: what the heck *is* CAS/CAS2?
> I suppose it's not the Column Address Strobe signal found in DRAMS...

right ;-)

> URLs welcome.
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