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(FC-Devel) (FWD) A new project

[I'm forwarding this because Chen isn't on the list.]

Chen: if you want an actual free software site to help host development,
contact me. Having a visualcities.com address makes you look naive
and clueless, and gives people the impression that you haven't thought
through what a complex subject this is and how difficult it is to do,
particularly with few programmers. (Is there anybody besides you?)

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Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2000 01:59:29 +0000
From: Chen Ofek <chenofek@zahav.net.il>
Reply-To: chenofek@yahoo.com
To: freecase-devel@seul.org
Subject: A new project

Hi All!

I would like to start a new open project for CASE tools.  In the beginning
this project will be a research project. I would like to develope a new
paradigm for software design and engineering.

The next step will be to make better CASE tools based on this new
paradigm, and then new sub-projects based on these paradigm and tools.

I would like to call the enw paradigm COncept Morphing
Programming (COMP).  For more information see :

Chen Ofek

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