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Re: (FC-Devel) (FWD) A new project


For now, there isn't anybody besides me on the project.
This is the reason I have started the project as a single page on
visualcities.com, I want to see if there is enough interest in the sort of
project I am thinking about (methodology research+free software)
If there will be enough interest I will expand the project's www site and
look for a suitable host to host the development like SEUL and sourceforge.
I am a programmer in my day job, so I know what it is like to develop
software (how complex it is). This is exactly the reason I want to launch
this project : to help reducing the complexity of software development.

Chen Ofek

Roger Dingledine wrote:

> Chen: if you want an actual free software site to help host development,
> contact me. Having a visualcities.com address makes you look naive
> and clueless, and gives people the impression that you haven't thought
> through what a complex subject this is and how difficult it is to do,
> particularly with few programmers. (Is there anybody besides you?)