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Re: (FC-Devel) (FWD) A new project

> Hi
> For now, there isn't anybody besides me on the project.

I wish you luck in your efforts.  A thousand mile journey begins with a single
step and all that.

> This is the reason I have started the project as a single page on
> visualcities.com, I want to see if there is enough interest in the sort of
> project I am thinking about (methodology research+free software)

There is interest in this area.  Just look at the number of programming tools on

I see you mention XML/XMI.  You might like to talk to the Argo UML people.  They
seem quite interested in generating code from XMI (using XSLT?).

> I am a programmer in my day job, so I know what it is like to develop
> software (how complex it is). This is exactly the reason I want to launch
> this project : to help reducing the complexity of software development.

A noble aim but to generate interest I think you need concrete plans and
preferably code.

Hmm, I have concrete plans with an acheivable goal.  I even have code, although
it doesn't exactly do much.  And yet there's still not much interest.  :-)
Still I find the work interesting.  I'm looking into the MOF standard at the
moment and wondering whether C++'s lack of reflectivity is going to be a problem
for me.

Chris Moore