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Re: (FC-Devel) (FWD) A new project

Chen Ofek a écrit :

> For now, there isn't anybody besides me on the project.
> This is the reason I have started the project as a single page on
> visualcities.com, I want to see if there is enough interest in the sort of
> project I am thinking about (methodology research+free software)

Go ahead, Chen ! You are the leader of YOUR project.
I saw your name at the beginning of the FreeCase project.
Freecase was the project of Jeff Wolfe, and it was  not
possible to find a new leader with the whole knowledge
in the different domains which are required.

A lot of people can help you, but very few people in the
world are able to drive such a project. I'm sure you can.

Two years ago, I hoped to help Jeff and learn UML. But I 
had no experience in UML and few in other domains.
However, I made my first program Fortran IV 30 years ago !
I use easily Fortran, C, bash...
This is the reason why I can't be a leader for FreeCase.
I wish to help you, but now I am the president of ABUL.
So, I have less free time than 2 years ago.
But, as I am the organizer of Libre Software Meeting
which is a world meeting for free software developers.

I wish a CASE topic for the next LSM .
This could be great to have a meeting with all the people
contributing to ARGO, FreeCase / ChenCase :)

LSM is a very cheap and a non commercial event.
The first event in july 2000 was a success. I'm sure that
more than 500 developers will be present next year.
We are waiting for 150 people for the first conference 
of Debian which will be included in LSM.

Pierre Jarillon - http://www.atlantic-line.fr/~jarillon/
Président de l'ABUL : http://www.abul.org/