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Re: gEDA-user: Bug triage

Peter Clifton wrote:

>> For full triage you have to be a member of the bug team (geda-bugs, or 
>> pcb-bugs). Else, you get no edit buttons next to the importance button.
>> I'd expect, that this is configurable and the status can also be made 
>> inaccessible to simple users (Peter C., is this so?)
> No, you need to be a bug contact or owner of the project, and that is
> not configurable. 

Hmm, I also meant the opposite: Is is it possible to make the status 
inaccessible to users not in a special group? Just in case some status
edit war is creeping up...

> Actually, and perhaps perversely, I think adding the barrier to team
> membership may be a psychological encouragement to participate actively.
> In order to join the team, the person joining has been acknowledged and
> given an implicit degree of approval from the administrators of the
> project. When I have been in this position for other projects. (E.g
> membership of the Ubuntu-X swat team), it gave me both a positive
> feeling, and also reassured me that it was ok to make those changes
> membership unlocked.

fair enough. But I don't see this as a reason to hide the existence 
of the triage policy from simple bug reporters.

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