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Re: gEDA-user: Alternate Platforms

On 1/30/2011 9:58 AM, Bob Paddock wrote:
Still - most places I went to do a repair, I'd want to take a laptop or
at least a tablet. Getting out that remote without a computer seems like
as well thought out as going to do said repair and forgetting to pack
your soldering iron.
Some places like Coal Mines (Been there, to many times),
and Military Installations (Horror stories from colleague doing that now)
etc. have very restrictive policies on what you can bring with you.

The list of allowed devices often excludes cell phones with cameras! Still, something smaller than a laptop can be very useful. When I am with a customer it is frequently a problem finding a spot to place a laptop. A pad device would really be useful if it supported proper software. Maybe I am stuck in a rut, but I see things as heading in that direction. At one time I thought a laptop was a luxury and now I won't be without it. I can see a pad replacing my laptop under most situations. There is nothing that says you can't connect a mouse and keyboard for desktop type work is there? On occasion I connect a second monitor to my laptop.


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