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Re: gEDA-user: Where is pcb-20100929 for Win32 ?

On 05/10/2011 12:50 PM, Bob Paddock wrote:
> Why are individuals who are trying to help the project being held to a
> higher standard that the projects own download page?

Because they are not. anybody who distributes binaries must provide
the corresponding source.

> http://pcb.gpleda.org/ 's download link does not contain GTK sources,
> sources of compilers or sources for the Windows operating system.

http://pcb.gpleda.org doesn't contan any binaries.

> Doesn't PCB's source code actually predate the GPL?

No, it doesn't.

> When and who put it under GPL?

Its original author, Thomas Nau, in the previous millenium;
every new piece of code since then was put under the same license,
and no contributor suggested anything different.

> All of this legal crap just takes the fun and desire out of working on
> the project.

It also ensures that my contribution won't be used to mistreat you.

Best wishes,

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