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Re: gEDA-user: Where is pcb-20100929 for Win32 ?

> > part of the OS, development kit, or included runtime, UNLESS YOU
> I've read it many times, due  to its ambiguity, case in point:
> > The issues is not the PCB license.  The issue is the GTK license (and
> > other libraries we use).  If we distribute the GTK dll, we must
> > distribute the GTK sources.
> Is GTK not part of the development kit?

Doesn't matter, we ship GTK dlls, we're responsible for providing
those sources.  That's why the emphasis on "unless you distribute...".

If we didn't ship the GTK dlls, we wouldn't have to distribute the
sources[1].  But, we *do* ship the GTK dlls, so we *do* have to
distribute the sources[2].

[1] because they're part of the development kit and/or OS, in a way.
[2] because of the "unless you include it" exception.

Note that [1] is the ambiguous part, due to the word "common" in the
GPL, but [2] is not ambiguous at all.

> >  If we forced people to install MinGW to get the GTK
> > dlls, we would not need to distribute the GTK sources.
> I don't follow, GTK dll's are not part of MinGW.

... or somehow install GTK dlls on their own, then ;-)

> Give it a try again, as I think Ceasar fixed several issues, that I
> reported to him when I had trouble getting it going.

Yup.  *time* is my other enemy :-P

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