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gEDA-user: Meta (was: Reinventing the wheel)

Stephen Ecob wrote:

> There will always be a place for both heavy and light.  People's work
> flows vary too much to limit gEDA to just one.

How come, this meme of "limiting" appears in about every discussion on 
future developments? Even in those, that are explicitly about broadening 
the scope of the tools. 

I haven't read anyone propose anything that would limit any work flow
in any discussion here on the list -- ever. Still, the fear that this 
might happen, is expressed time and again. More often than not, it
ends up in the written equivalent of shouting and accusations. What 
can be done to keep discussions relaxed and productive?

PS: Maybe, I am guilty of overreacting myself, too, right now with this mail...
Kai-Martin Knaak
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