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Re: Lebel to Hex Value, 1.2.1 out, Debian package out too

Dave Symonds <dsymonds@xxxxxxxxx> (14/11/2005):
> My hesitation is that DESTDIR is used on other OSes (such as FreeBSD),
> but has slightly different semantics and rules (e.g. about the
> trailing slash). I don't like relying on any particular environment
> variable _not_ being defined.
Ok; I'm being pretty sure that we already had this discussion before.
Sorry for talking about that twice. :/

> Would it be easier just to add a simple install: section in debian/rules?
> There's really not that much to install for GraphThing, and this will
> keep things cleaner.
> Thoughts?
1. I'll have to edit the src/Makefile(|.in) to delete it's install:
section, which leads to an error (attempt to access my own
arborescence while building).

2. It could be forgotten if some day graphthing relies on plugin or
whatever, and then need some plugin installation...

I think that I'll prefer a patch stored in debian/, neither irritating
for you nor for other platforms, and if one day it does not apply, I'll
have a look to the install: section in the Makefiles.

Your thoughts? :)


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