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It seams Corel is going to announce it's own Linux distribution 
at the LinuxWorld Conference next week.  Here is a quote from the
interview you may find interesting.

Derek Burney: 

The news I guess is something that we'll be announcing at 
LinuxWorld which is something that we're code-naming Corel 
Linux until we come up with something better or more legal.

What that amounts to is essentially another distribution 
flavour, but one that has more desktop-oriented functionality.
We like what we see from Red Hat and so on but we find that 
there's still quite a ways to go before the average computer
user could get up to speed, even if they're familiar with 

Sounds like they are playing with the Independence Linux
concept to me :).  If this is as free as RedHat then we will 
be in luck.

Of course this might all just be corporate windbagitis.