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Re: Business models

> Seconded.  We all know that copy-protection schemes can be broken, and
> those that make this veryvery hard restrict normal usage too much (e.g.
> the timeout scheme makes it impossible to play that neat game again after
> 10 years), alienating buyers.

A system that would work with online games is a central registration server 
and a per-license key. 2 keys can't play at the same time. The server would 
require all connections to have a key, and if 2 identical keys are 
present/invalid key, it doesn't let the user play.

Hostile, I know, but it could work to some extent.

The Infamous Mark 'Nurgle' Collins
email: me@thisisnurgle.org.uk

It is easy when we are in prosperity to give advice to the afflicted.
		-- Aeschylus

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