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Solved? (was: Pinging?)


looks much better now:

* the ping scheduler was storing a binary string in lower case,
  so the stored and later checked paths didn't match up. => Only
  pings along those nodes were actually queued, whose identity
  key digest happened to not contain any upper case letters.

* the ping generator asked the client directory about a path
  along a given descriptor, even if the descriptor was not yet
  valid. The descriptor was then discarded (internally) by the
  directory and a random valid descriptor was returned instead
  => pings were sent along wrong paths.

Pinging now seems to work, I've created two patches. Please have
a look at them and tell me your feedback. Thanks.

===== Beginn =====

--- ClientDirectory.py (old)
+++ ClientDirectory.py (new)
@@ -1159,8 +1159,8 @@
             if name.isValidFrom(startAt, endAt):
                 return name
-                LOG.error("Server is not currently valid")
-                return None
+                LOG.debug("Time-invalid descriptor for %s, looking for another one.", name.getNickname())
+                name=name.getNickname()

         # If it's a nickname, return a serverinfo with that name.

===== Ende =====
===== Beginn =====

--- Pinger.py (old)
+++ Pinger.py (new)
@@ -1193,6 +1193,7 @@
         assert (path2[-1].getIdentityDigest() ==
+            LOG.debug("Pinger checking path %s",",".join([s.getNickname() for s in (path1+path2[:-1])]))
             p1 = self.directory.getPath(path1)
             p2 = self.directory.getPath(path2)
         except UIError, e:
@@ -1259,7 +1260,6 @@
         if now is None: now = int(time.time())
         periodStart = self._getPeriodStart(now)
         periodEnd = periodStart + self._period_length
-        path = tuple([ p.lower() for p in path ])
         interval = self._getPingInterval(path)
         perturbation = self._getPerturbation(path, periodStart, interval)
@@ -1410,6 +1410,7 @@
                 when = self.nextPingTime.get((id1,id2))
                 if when is None:
                     # No ping scheduled; server must be new to directory.
+                    LOG.debug("No ping scheduled; server must be new to directory.")
                 elif when > now: # Not yet.

===== Ende =====