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Re: [tor-talk] Google disable web-access to gmail for Tor-users?

> If I understand some Tor users' reasoning, they want to use Tor w/ email
> for various privacy reasons AND they want to use "really good services &
> tie-ins" at the same time? ... My questions here are sincere - trying to learn

The shortest answer is that strong pseudonyms are useful, even (or
especially) in a well connected social environment. Many people want
to have those links. Many want use some of the services google offers:
Many want to participate in the scene... just not as themselves.

No one here is saying that google is not indeed terribly evil.
Nor does being social or using google services equate to compromise
of one's nym. That's up to the user and how they use it. Some keep
their nym intact, some selectively disclose, some fully.

Google, facebook, twitter, etc are all good entry points into the space,
whether one chooses to do so pseudonymously or not.

If they forbid access from anonymity networks, that element of usage
is broken. So people testing and cataloging what works and doesn't,
and finding workarounds, is a very useful thing.

Some want location masking, some want identity masking, some
want both.

> Presumably, the email contents would only be hidden from ISPs
> The weakest link in chain is everything is exposed to Google.
> Maybe I'll learn something about privacy / security by meaningful
> input why Tor + Gmail are so important.

They are no more important to privacy/security than any other provider.
All providers of all services are not to be trusted in that regard. Neither
is anyone who might be able to trump them. That's old news :)

> IMHO, the "brand recognition" issue ... doesn't make sense.

See the first paragraphs.
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