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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy seems to connect to the same exit node again and again

On 04/13/2015 12:13, l.m wrote:
The new identity feature is documented to make*new*  connections
appear to be from a different user. It doesn't say anywhere that it
terminates existing application connections. That's an assumption on
the part of the user. The only application where there's an exception
is Tor Browser which is coded to break those connections. It needs to
do this to deal with web bugs. If some other application has open
connections using tor it stand to reason that application has a
purpose for keeping the connection open. Either that application will
close the connection gracefully or not.

It's a hack to force third-party applications to close their
connections explicitly and call it a feature of tor. In truth it's
something that can already be done. Connect to the tor process using
telnet and close the circuits as you see fit. Alternatively connect
using Vidalia and close the circuit. I'm sure there are other ways.
So, in fact, there's nothing to code to get the feature you want as
it's already there. There's no place for the feature in Tor Browser
since it already explicitly closes connections related to open
tabs--allowing the circuits to close gracefully. It remains the
responsibility of any other third-party application to gracefully
close their own connections. If they don't the circuit stays open.
How's that not a bug you would rather fix in the application itself?

Hi Leeroy,

Telnet? This is the mass audience we are talking about, they don't know what telnet is. This isn't related to bugs in particular applications, rather the decision by user to switch to the new exit node for everything he is doing, whatever this might be.

So you discount the concern of the OP in this thread? I found the question to be reasonable, I am sure many people have the same question daily. The way how "New Identity" works today is counter-intuitive for the average user. Giving the user more freedom is always good, provided full disclosure is given. This is like the freedom that they already have to shut down the networking on their computer, or press the "Reboot" button. It isn't always beneficial to keep all connections as long as possible by any means. So let the user decide. I didn't mean this feature to have the hidden consequences.

In everyday life, users already make such decisions: do I connect to WiFi alpha or to WiFi beta? Do I use this website, or that website? Do I reboot now or later? This function just extends such freedom, that the user already naturally has, to what this user does with tor. This is quite reasonable IMO.

In the real world connections are broken all the time, this is just a reality. Nothing to lose your sleep over.

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