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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy seems to connect to the same exit node again and again

Hello Leeroy,

Cool! Thank you! Works like a charm :)

Terminal commands are becoming my favorite. They sort of remind me of
writing games with my brother from some books he had. Boy was he cool.

Thanks again to everyone involved, looking into my little torbirdy world
and replying and suggesting fixes!!!


> Hi Sophie,
> "Sophie Hassfurther"  wrote:
>> How do I look up which ports work on which exit 
>> nodes? I tried searching Atlas, but I didn't find 
>> out how to do a reverse search.
> Glad to see the problem appears sorted. To find exit policies I used
> the cat and grep commands on microdesc data. This data is available on
> the CollectTor website as well as locally in your Tor Browser folder.
> After loading Tor Browser, do a search for cached-microdescs in the
> Tor Browser install folder. If you then open a terminal at the
> location and use (for simplicity):
> cat cached-microdescs | grep accept
> That gives you an idea of accept policies. If you add to that:
> cat cached-microdescs | grep accept | grep portnumber
> That gives you an idea of how many exits (that you know about) which
> accept portnumber. If you add to that:
> cat cached-microdescs | grep accept | grep portnumber | wc -l
> You'll have (very roughly) the number of exits. I'll leave it to you
> to search the man pages for better expressions to use with grep ;) In
> your case the number of exits accepting port 25 was quite small.
> --leeroy
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