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Re: [tor-talk] (Correction) Tor Browser crash

I don't think this is really related to this crash. I think it's not the problem of the Medium page, but it might be something wrong with NoScript's UI, but anyway it is shown in the recording.

Blocked Objects -
.    (A) Temporarily allow FONT@https://medium.com
.    - - - - - - - - - -
.    (S) Temporarily allow *@https://medium.com
.    (S) Temporarily allow *@https://medium.com (https://medium.com)
.    (A) Temporarily allow FONT@https://medium.com (https://medium.com)
.    (A) Temporarily allow FONT@https://medium.com
Temporarily allow all this page
Allow Scripts Globally (dangerous)
About NoScript 5.0.2...

Do you have a 3840x2160 screen? I have no idea if TBB handles this - may be fine?
Yes, I have a 3840x2160 screen. The shadow takes a while to draw on a big screen. (But it also crashes on the unfancy LXDE running on 640x480 resolution)

"Blocked objects," not "blocked scripts?" There's a difference.
"Blocked objects" menu appears. Both scripts and fonts were blocked.

Do you have a discrete GPU card, and are you using the mfg's proprietary drivers? Some (like Nvidia - maybe others) have GPU problems, causing crashes, freezes, black screens - if use Linux open source video drivers.

But, it could be a bug - some graphic function in which ever desktop you're using (you mentioned shadows); possibly NoScript and / or TBB can't handle it. Have you tried temporarily disabling NS to make sure nothing else can cause the same issue. Though might take a while to rule out "everything" else. Folks in NS forum / support may already know about it. They're usually pretty good at looking into things. You'll have to give full details of your OS flavor, version, etc.
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