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Re: IP address blocked on certain site

On 2/3/2011 5:09 PM, Aplin, Justin M wrote:
On 2/3/2011 5:53 PM, Geoff Down wrote:
Neither could I. It may be entirely in memory. Nevertheless that was the
conclusion I came to. It's not the IP address being cached, it's the
response from the site I would say. Your new request is never being sent
(via your new IP) because Polipo is returning the cached version of the
page IMO.
Anyone have other ideas?

Before he goes through all that trouble, wouldn't it be worth just SOCKSifying Firefox to use Tor directly, rather than Polipo? If it's some hidden cache issue with Polipo, the issue would disappear then, no? Also he mentions opening a new tab, but never says he cleared the Firefox cache; could Firefox itself simply be fishing the page up from memory? A simple tools > clear everything would be a decent test.

I am using Torbutton.  It is supposed to Torrify Firefox - yes?

1) Sorry, should've mentioned clearing cache.  It couldn't have been (in this case) Firefox cache, because on one 'test,' I closed the site's tab AND cleared Fx cache.  Were no cookies involved.  Still same denial.

2) Using Torbutton, in Preferences>Security Settings>Cache, "block Tor disk cache & clear all cache on Tor toggle" is checked by default.  Implies Tor is ?? using memory cache?
There is a 2nd setting, "block disk and memory cache during Tor"
The Torbutton Design Documentation says Opt. 1 - above,
This option causes Torbutton to call nsICacheService.evictEntries(0) on Tor toggle to remove all entries from the cache. In addition, this setting causes Torbutton to set browser.cache.disk.enable to false.
I confirmed Torbutton enabled does set "browser.cache.disk.enable" to false.  So when Torbutton is enabled, no cache in Fx.  Therefore, the "clear all cache on Tor toggle" must be talking about Tor mem cache (I assume).

Torbutton Preferences description (for the 2 above ):
  • Block Tor disk cache and clear all cache on Tor Toggle

    Since the browser cache can be leveraged to store unique identifiers, cache must not persist across Tor sessions. This option keeps the memory cache active during Tor usage for performance, but blocks disk access for caching.

  • Block disk and memory cache during Tor

    This setting entirely blocks the cache during Tor, but preserves it for Non-Tor usage.

3) I'm sure I closed Fx, so that would've closed Torbutton & (since mine is set to default) cleared all cache.  Even though don't have Torbutton's "Block disk & mem cache during Tor" check, when I closed Fx & manually cleared it's cache, all disk & mem cache should ? have been cleared.  At the time, was trying to clear every cache I could think of / find, so clicking my "Clear Cache" addon's icon would've been 1st step.

Why, after getting all new nodes & especially new exit node IP address (I confirmed was a new address), would Tor send an old IP address (? from memory) to the site?  Doesn't make sense.  If Tor WAS sending an old address (to any site) after getting new exit address, something's really wrong.  Doubt that's the case.

Further, for Torbutton FAQs:
Which Firefox extensions do you recommend?
  1. RefControl

    Mentioned above, this extension allows more fine-grained referrer spoofing than Torbutton currently provides. It should break less sites than Torbutton's referrer spoofing option.

  2. SafeCache

    If you use Tor excessively, and rarely disable it, you probably want to install this extension to minimize the ability of sites to store long term identifiers in your cache. This extension applies same origin policy to the cache, so that elements are retrieved from the cache only if they are fetched from a document in the same origin domain as the cached element.

Not sure about the referrer spoofing - don't think it's relevant here.  Torbutton default is to disable sending referrer header - has nothing to do w/ an "old" IP address.
SafeCache:  Don't know what this Torbutton FAQ is implying.  If Torbutton disables Fx from disk caching, & if Torbutton "block Tor disk cache..." option is checked - what's left -memory?
I don't know that SafeCache does anything w/ memory cache in any manner.  So, I'm confused why Torbutton page is recommending it.  Is the Torbutton page assuming only using Tor w/o Torbutton (which, by default, disables disk caching)?