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Re: IP address blocked on certain site

>Why, after getting all new nodes & especially new exit node IP     address (I 
>confirmed was a new address), would Tor send an old       IP address (? from 
>memory) to the site?  Doesn't make sense.      If Tor WAS sending an old address 
>(to any site) after getting new     exit address, something's really wrong.  
>Doubt that's the case.

You seem to have the misconception that Tor only uses one circuit at any given 
time, and that you can determine what IP address a server will think you are 
coming from by checking with a website. You can easily choose the same exits 
node after restarting Firefox, and I believe even after creating a new set of 
circuits with the Use a New Identity button in Vidalia.

Tor builds several circuits that you can use at any given time. I think three is 

default... You can try to "check your IP address" with a website, but you can 
choose a different circuit to check than the one you actually choose to hit your 

desired website. The IP address check would show the IP address of the exit node 

for one circuit, while it's possible that you could be hitting the website you 
want to use through the same exit node (of a different circuit) again and again.

If you are running Vidalia, click the "View the Network button. You should see a 

list of the circuits Tor has built. Keep that window open while you surf, and 
you can see which circuits Tor is using.

To force Tor to use a particular exit node of your choosing, first add 
'AllowDotExit 1' to your torrc. Then you will be able to make requests using the 

.exit notation below:


SYNTAX:  [hostname].[name-or-digest].exit

For example: 


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