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Re: [tor-talk] Email provider for privacy-minded folk

On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 10:01 PM, Mysterious Flyer <
mysteriousflyer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ummmmm.  I am the REAL mysteriousflyer@xxxxxxxxxx  I guess it's
> super-duper easy for a person's user names and passwords to get hacked when
> accessing e-mail over Tor.  I also noticed that someone has been reading my
> gmails (since they were marked as read), so I changed my password over
> there and will never access gmail through Tor again.

I hate to call shenanigans on this, but it seems extremely unlikely that
someone would hack your email account and then use it to post to the Tor
mailing list. Or any mailing list.

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