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Re: [tor-talk] TBB: Can not set back to Never remember history

On 2/6/2014 6:21 PM, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
Other than checking some sites & looking at the cookies file (using an editor) to see if it is / isn't allowing any cookies - of any type, we have no way of knowing if this is just a UI bug, or if settings really get messed up internally. Can others confirm this behavior? Did you check https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor for a similar problem, or file a report yourself?
Best I can tell, when Options has setting of "use custom settings for history" & "always use private browsing" is checked, then TBB 3.5.1 for Windows isn't allowing 1st or 3rd party cookies. In spite of Torbutton's "restrict 3rd party cookies & other tracking data," NOT being checked under that scenario.

To check, I installed a cookie addon, so could access any stored cookies w/o the "allow cookies" box being checked. Others can verify what I see. If correct, the problem David sees may mostly affect the UI.
Still needs fixing - kind of disconcerting.

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