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Re: Tor and Thunderbird: Outgoing Email Unsafe?

Dont know but it totally would I guess.
Do you think you have the capacity for it?
You have to be careful though as tehre are always ppl out there abusing a service like that... but i assume youhave a way to fight that...

Nils Vogels schreef:
On 1/2/07, Job <Job2@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I just got Tor to be safer online and used the Tor-button to
automatically confugure Firefox and Thunderbird for Tor.
In Thunderbird however I have to exclude the server I use to SEND emails
from being handled by Tor.

To overcome just this problem, I'm thinking about setting up an e-mail service from WITHIN Tor as a set of hidden services. Basically, it would be a webmail/pop3/imap/smtp service, that only accepts new account requests from within tor and has a limit on the amount of e-mails that could be sent per account per interval.

Does anyone know if this already exists, and if not, would it be a
welcome addition Tor?