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Re: Question for Job and others / was: Re: Tor and Thunderbird: Outgoing Email Unsafe?

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> The way you describe it makes it sound a bit shady I think. My reasons
> for wanting my emails to be anonymous is not because of harassment or
> spam. Actually i wouldn't even know how to send spam.
> The concern -for me-  is not one related to my ISP as I don't anything
> to violate their policies or break laws and actually i am not using an
> obscure email account (yet).
> I want to offer my future clients the option of contacting me and me
> contacting them without for example the receivers spouse, family,
> friends or boss being able to trace anything due to the nature of the
> service I will provide as this is related to topics that are highly
> personal. Unfortunately I cant elaborate on this too much due to the
> exact same reasons. The most I can share with anyone at this point is
> that its in the field of Psychology. This causes me to be able to offer
> a level of service that from the receivers side is totally untraceable
> or near untraceable( however, like i stated before, i DO want them to be
> able to contact me too) That is also why i am not very concerned about
> the traces left on my own computer as these are not accessible by the
> significant others of the client. I want to make the barrier to take
> that first step to get into contact as low as possible. The anonymous
> email is just part of the privacy I want to offer but since I am just
> looking into the online anonymity option and I am new at Tor this seems
> to be a good place to start and look for extra information.

Take a look at Mixmaster anonymous remailers. This protocol is a
cousin of Tor (Mixmaster has "high latency" while Tor has "low latency".)

To be able to receive replies to anonymous messages, there is a
feature of anonymous remailers called reply-blocks that uses the older
protocol called Cypherpunk. This protocol uses PGP encrypted envelopes
and a system called a nym server.

Finally, many anonymous remailers should be reachable through Tor (via
hidden services or alternate ports.)

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