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Re: Opening 2 Firefox profiles

On Wed, 2007-01-03 at 16:12, Michael Holstein wrote:
>  From : http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/system-requirements.html
> (the important bits...) :
>      * Linux kernel 2.2.14 (with glibc 2.3.2, XFree86-3.3.6, gtk+2.0, 
> fontconfig/xft and libstdc++5)

Mike, thanks for the help.

It appears that gtk+ and libstdc++ are older versions and I don't have
fontconfig/xft. Surprisingly the 4.4 system has the same issues and this
is based on the current Red Hat Enterprise Linux. I looked into
upgrading gtk+ a few days ago and ran into a web of dependencies where I
was unable to locate a required program or library. I've been thinking
about getting a new computer and this is one more reason to do so,
rather than do piecemeal software upgrades on an aging system or one
that is not fully set up.

> If you've already created profile #2, try and start firefox with the -P 
> {profilename} switch .. eg "/path/to/firefox -P TorProfile". If that 
> doesn't work, you can create a new (passwordless/nologin) user and start 
> firefox with sudo (eg: "sudo -H -u torfox /path/to/firefox").

I tried the first method despite the missing and older software and it
did not work.

> You can also create a profile from the CLI by doing "/path/to/firefox 
> -CreateProfile {profileName}" and then run that one with the -P 
> {profileName} switch.

I'd be surprised if the results weren't the same.

> If you still can't get if figured out, post all the requested info as a 
> bugreport and somebody will look into it (over at mozilla.org).

I think it's obviously my system and not a bug.

George Shaffer
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