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Re: Confirm new Tor server working? [SOLVED]

This is not much of a solution, but...

There was a power blackout Wednesday for several hours and so I had to
restart my server. (So much for the 150+ day uptime I had...) Tor now
works without me editing anything else or doing anything else. My server
appears in the directory lists and when I type netstat I see LOTS and
LOTS of ESTABLISHED connections. I don't know what fixed it exactly, but
the unintentional reboot seems to have worked magic.

I've noticed that my web sites that run from this server are a little
sluggish now, so I've investigated bandwidth shaping.

I understand AccountingStart and AccountingMax and will try those, but
the FAQ didn't provide an example of the format to use for

BandwidthRate [what goes here?]
BandwidthBurst [what goes here?]

Do I just put numbers out beside those? in Mb/s? or what?

Also, it seems another useful setting would be something like
MaxConnections so that I could limit the number of simultaneous
connections. A recent check showed over 200 simultaneous connections.
AACK! Can I move that down somehow?


brianwc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> [snip]
>>looks like (atleast) one of the packet filters is still blocking port
>>9030. I should be able to connect with a web browser and get the
>>directory listing, but the connection just times out (I'd get refused
>>quickly if the port was open in the firewall but there wasn't anything
>>listening on your machine)
> OK, I shut down Bastille temporarily and was able to reach :9030 through a
> web browser (across the internet). But I've edited /etc/Bastille/config to
> allow 9030 (so far as I understand it) and it still doesn't want to let
> traffic through. When I start Bastille back up, I can't reach 9030
> anymore. Anyone here familiar with this or do I need to move on to the
> Bastille list?
> Brian