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Re: [tor-talk] Hiding stuff

> On Fri, Jul 13, 2012, at 23:37, proper wrote:
>> But what will never change is, the more anonymity/privacy/security you
>> want, the more technical knowledge you'll need. We'll continue to
>> provide loads of additional information to make it even more safe.
> Could you make it as slim as possible? I can't say that's the fault with
> this project, but with most OSS today. I think the source is the fact
> that the developers all live in developed countries and have a good
> reason to have powerful hardware to help them in their daily jobs. On
> the other hand, the way Tor is used today means resistance in some poor
> country so hardware is an issue or being on the move, thus portability
> is important. And that translates into less kilos and more battery life.
> I am aware that means making the life of the development team more
> complicated. But for the gateway there could be some tiny distribution
> that does not need much memory and power. And the desktop as well.

You can read [1].

It's not that simple. Using a tiny Linux would lead into less security
by default provided by TorBOX.

And finally TorBOX is simply a collection of Linux commands and
configuration files, automated with bash scripts. The concept works
anywhere with anything. After some work you can use any operating
system. [2] People with special needs can build there own images.
Unfortunately I've learned it's impossible to support all use cases at once.

If other people with knowledge from other operating systems would join
the project we could make the operating system choice an option.

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