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Re: [tor-talk] Hiding stuff

> On Fri, Jul 13, 2012, at 23:25, proper wrote:
>> For people who really can't abstain from Flash / Java it's the best
>> option I know of.
> It does sound wonderful. But it sure needs a powerful machine. A CPU
> designed for lower power consumption and thus battery maximisation can't
> scale well with two virtual boxes on top of the OS.

Must be a "quite modern" system. Sorry, I can't go into detail, I
haven't made a comprehensive benchmark with various machines.

If hardware supports virtualization, i.e. the CPU features AMD-V or
VT-x, it works much better.

>>> How does this project relate with Tails for example?
>> Different thread model, target user group, history and features.
>> Tails is an respected, established live CD. Based on Debian and Tor.
>> When Tails gets rooted, the users real IP address can leak.
>> TorBOX is an anonymous general purpose operating system. Based on Ubuntu
>> and Tor. Persistent. Young project. In TorBOX's thread model the client
>> (TorBOX-Workstation) can be compromised and there will be still no IP or
>> DNS leaks. The only way to connect is through the TorBOX-Gateway. [1] [2]
> Isn't Ubuntu a little bit too large, at least for the Gateway?

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