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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy 0.0.10 released - testing and feedback requested!

Katya Titov:
> Hi Jake,
>>> Understanding is the key to security, not convenience. That being
>>> said, TorBirdy is both convenient and great. I'm not sure that's
>>> it's ready for primetime yet, but I do try to test and feed back
>>> (using another nym ...) and definitely see the value.
>> Happy to help. :)
>> Is there anything in specific that you feel that we should address?
> It's a bit difficult to describe succinctly, but I'll try to relay my
> thoughts ...
> It's about the indications that you are actually using Tor.
> I've been using Tor since before TBB, probably since before Vidalia,
> and one of the great features of TBB is that on start-up it tells you
> that you're successfully using Tor. And the occasional failure due to
> not recognising the exit node you've come from is handy for making you
> stop, think, check the IP address, and make sure you still have an
> understanding of how Tor works.
> And then there's the fact that pages load a little slower over Tor, not
> intolerably slow but still noticeably slow.
> So you know that you're using Tor.
> TorBirdy doesn't give this indication ... it looks like regular
> Thunderbird, and email loads in the background and is just there when
> you need it. Sending is a little slower and so you could infer that Tor
> is in use, but you really want to know that when you start up, and
> before the automatic fetch begins.
> I'm not sure how I would fix these issues. Trying to have TorBirdy do
> something to test Tor is in use for IMAP/POP/SMTP connections would be
> quite difficult, if possible at all. But if you could do it and notify
> the user before the fetch began then that would simulate some of what
> TBB does. Other indicators such as a change to the skin would be a
> useful indicator that you're using the right software, but still doesn't
> actually test the network.

Good idea. Just created:

> [...]
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