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Re: [tor-talk] GoldBug.sf.net: Encrypted Messenger

 On the Homepage is written:

 Can I run GoldBug over Tor or a Proxy?

Of course, that is possible. You can use any proxy of the web or Tor to
connect from your GoldBug to any neighbor or chat server. Due to the fact
that the chat protocol uses HTTP, you should be even able to create a chat
server and listener for GoldBug using a so called TOR hidden service. But
this has not yet been tested and would be a task for the Tor-community to
run the chat and echo over Tor. As well firewalled environments are not a
problem, as long as you are able to do online banking and have an
accessible chat server within your IT-environment/country.

I wounder if anyone can provide a Tor Service with a Listener / E*MPP Chat
Server Setup.

Besides the operational and technical question: regarding the protocols it
is an interesting research, if - as GoldBug seems to use the HTTP protocol,
TOR Exit nodes cold Forward a mesage from outside to the Chat listener

I guess due to the onion address this is only found from tor inside when
adding this info.

What needs to be modified to use the outproxy a router to an .onion address

See. the idea would be to have a GB listener as onion address. then
messengers outside tor choose just an IP from the Exit node list .. what
Needs then to be done to route from the exitnode to the onion address?
Needs the incoming message inclide the onion address or Need the Exit node
know this onion address, if ciphertext Comes in?

Can someone think about this and give an answer? How to address

GB -> Exitnode -> Tor network -> hidden onion address -> Tor Network -> Any
other Exitnode -> in case a GB is connected.. routing back to the GB

does the Message Need the onion address included, or does the Exit node
Need the echo library of GB ?

Thanks for a Feedback how these onion addreses work..
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