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Re: Tor limitation

On Wed, Nov 16, 2005 at 01:22:34AM -0400, Matt Thorne wrote:
> imagine what they could do, given the choice.
> (sappy and emotional isn't it)
> -=Matt=-
Definitely. I've felt much the same way myself, along with all the anger
and rage at hearing of huge companies like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft,
Cisco, all helping the Chinese government in varying degrees to limit
the internet.

Their excuse is that they must comply with local government laws. I
don't really believe the people that make those decisions at those 
companies are all greedy, evil, or morally bankrupt, though. I think they
really believe China /will/ eventually become more open and democratic.
Indeed, access to the internet, even if it is limited, may very well
allow change to happen faster than it would otherwise. Maybe I'm being
way too optimistic.

But, I guess we've kind of strayed off the topic of Tor now. So, how
about that exit node problem?