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Re: AdvTor

Fabian Keil wrote:
Your Privoxy version is from 2006, you might want to consider updating it.

With a more recent version I get:

| fk@r500 ~ $lynx --dump http://www.cobblers.za/
|    503
| | This is [1]Privoxy 3.0.17 on Privoxy-Jail.local (, port 8118,
|        enabled
|    Warning:
|       This Privoxy version is based on UNRELEASED code and not intended for
|       production systems!
|       Use at your own risk. See the [2]license for details.
| | Forwarding failure | | Privoxy was unable to socks5-forward your request
|       [3]http://www.cobblers.za/ through tor-jail: SOCKS5 host unreachable
| | Just [4]try again to see if this is a temporary problem, or check your
|    [5]forwarding settings and make sure that all forwarding servers are
|    working correctly and listening where they are supposed to be
|    listening.

And Tor says:
Oct 09 14:00:19.571 [notice] Have tried resolving or connecting to address 'www.cobblers.za' at 3 different places. Giving up.


Yes Fabian, it probably is that old, as old as the last version distributed with Tor.

Having gone to www.privoxy.org/ & sourceforge.net/projects/ijbswa/files/, the most recent was v3.0.16, which I will try. Does this version differentiate the DNS resolution fails?

Where can you get v3.0.17 from?

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