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Re: [tor-talk] Tor

On Mon, 19 Oct 2015 21:03:19 -0500
Justin <davisjustin002@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Actually, youâre totally wrong.  According to a top secret NSA
> document, which you can view online: Tor is the king of high secure,
> low latency anonymity.  No contender awaits the throne. 

	funny how tor capos don't seem to agree with you 


	neither do users 


	(your 'top secret' document is public? 	that's kinda
	strange no?) 

> That would
> clearly indicate that you know absolutely nothing about Tor, Onion
> routing, or anonymity in general.  Hell, you probably donât even know
> how to use the Internet since youâre just a little five year old
> having your stupid ass friend type your emails for you.  We Do Not
> want you in our community.  Fuck Off!

	Have some kool aid sonny. Also, you shouldn't use foul language.
	Jesus will get angry. 


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